Boat trips

Roscoff Yacht Club is affiliated with the French Sailing Federation (FFV). We organize cruising sailboat regattas and cruises. Our members participate in numerous regattas held around the north and south of Brittany.

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  • Federation, defence and responsibleness of Port of Roscoff sailors and tourists.
  • Representation of all port users and sailors before the regulatory authorities, and in particular the local authorities and bodies responsible for the management of Roscoff Ports.
  • Organization of all nautical events.

Other activities: pleasure boat activities

Plougasnou diving club welcomes you into a protected marine environment in Finistère: the Bay of Morlaix. The combination of fresh and salt water harbours a unique and exceptional flora and fauna, offering you the very best in both deep-sea diving and snorkelling.

Courses, boat hire, individual coaching, group activities, leisure and competitive sailing, and sailing for schools.

Other activities: Sea walking

The boating centre offers various packages for sailors from as young as 4:

The Île-de-Batz boating centre welcomes groups and individuals to this magnificent island with a climate all its own. The ambience is warm and welcoming, whether you fancy going out in a catamaran or trimaran, sailing, kayaking or trying any other type of boat trip (boat hire, lessons and courses available).

Sailing (catamarans, Optimist sailboats), windsurfing, surfing, sand yachting, kayaking, boat trips, paddle surfing, waveski surfing, bodyboarding, sea walking...