• Initiation/advanced sailing school
  • Local- to international-level sport sailing
  • Year-round leisure sailing
  • Sailing for primary and secondary school children
  • Instructor training
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Organizes cruiser races and regattas in the Bay of Morlaix, such as the Telegramme Tresco Trophy being held for the 30th time in May 2013. The Club is open every Saturday at the Maison du Plaisancier from 6.30 to 8.30 p.m.

Roscoff Yacht Club is affiliated with the French Sailing Federation (FFV). We organize cruising sailboat regattas and cruises. Our members participate in numerous regattas held around the north and south of Brittany.

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Courses, boat hire, individual coaching, group activities, leisure and competitive sailing, and sailing for schools.

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The boating centre offers various packages for sailors from as young as 4: